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Updated: Oct 19, 2022

The human is a story-creature. This is as obvious and certain as the existence of gravity.

When we trace back our story (as woven into Earth’s story), what can we say about the substance that connects one moment to the next? Let's trace it back to the beginning of time. What is a story but a connecting of one moment to the next, connected by some reason that lifts its head far above survival’s discomforts, into the realms of awe.

At the heart of a story is a seed. The seed contains the WHY. The WHY inspires us to carry this seed and to carry on with living life. The why––– makes itself visible when our life-affirming feelings become life-affirming actions. For the story-creature, life-affirming feelings give us the buoyancy we need to help us bear all measure of life's discomfort. Discomfort is the price we pay to live. To live as a story-creature means living to protect the story, it means bearing discomfort for the privilege of our transporting the story. This is what a lineage is, and this is why we were designed as story-creatures––– We were designed to persist over millions of years by our carrying a reason WHY, a reason we bother to persist, and that reason must be wrapped in a story, a story to be shared.

What is a story-creature but a creature who lives with a reason that connects one moment to the next, which means that the reason/story itself is the highest thing we hold. (A reason given to us by our elders and by Earth Herself). When the reason/story is deemed the highest thing of value, we will carry the weight of its burden and we deliver its gift to the youth of our lineage. For us, for the story-creature, this is why time exists! We push up against time (its discomforts) and we must push through time (its unknowns and uncertainties) to deliver something sacred!

Stories have a beginning, middle, and end. Stories are made of time and meaning. The story's beginning and the story's middle will not possess any meaning whatsoever unless directed towards a magnificent and fulfilling end. Equal to the importance of the story's fulfilled destiny is the whom to which it is being delivered. For the story creature, the end is meaningful only if our life is a series of sacrifices and risks taken to transport that story (through time and space) to be delivered to our offspring. When the love of the story matches the love we feel for the youth of our lineage, the lineage holds together, time holds together, reality holds together, the story holds together, and the story-creature holds together. If we kill the story, then ask yourself–––what will become of the story-creature? Yes, a robot and or slave.

What happens when time and meaning (time+meaning=story) collapses… when a single moment no longer has any connection to the next, when there is no longer any value to be transported through time, when we're no longer willing to sacrifice for our people, and when there is nothing to lovingly bridge one moment to the next? Yes, robots and or slaves.

Now you can figure out who has deprived you of the story, now you can figure out what our story has been replaced with, and why.


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