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Updated: Aug 1, 2023

The death of human character;

The rise of pseudo diagnoses, antidepressants, addiction,

faux victim virtue , and the age of excuses.

There is one type of experience that offers us an appreciation for the whole of our existence. Atheists have been deprived of this experience.

If you’re not a fan of life, if you’re not a fan of Earth or of the creation itself, then your mind has not made a space for The Creator to enter. Becoming a fan of the creation happens in a sudden flash––– an experience of awe for the beauty, nourishment, effort, sacrifice, functionality, protection, and generosity that we receive in every moment. And when those delicious parts of creation, are recognized together with the whole of creation, we suddenly find ourselves guests at the Creator’s table.

We are human, which means we deal in story and word. Words give context to our experiences, and context gives birth to appreciation. When feelings of appreciation penetrate our every breath taken, our every morsel received, and our every footstep traveled, feelings of gratitude kick open the door, that the Creator may enter; a face is finally put to the name of all that we see.

When our moments are received as gifts, we accept them and we return the favor in kind. Paying a debt of gratitude is how the bonds between us are formed, and paying that debt is where both pride and dignity come from. These bonds of reciprocity give meaning to meaning itself. There is no meaning in this world unless we recognize the invisible symbiosis in all things, and those things all add up to the one thing. Therefore, we as individuals, as single units, mean nothing without the small group, or the whole unit in which we survive, and that group is held together by gratitude, reciprocity, and sacrifice. Those bonds between us can be traced back to the very beginning of time.

If you have not found gratitude for the body you inhabit, for the landscape that feeds you, or for the people with whom you survive, then you’ll feel you owe nothing for what you receive, you’ll feel you live in a meaningless, existential vacuum where genuine human bonds can hardly form. There is nothing more dangerous to a family, to a tribe, to a culture, to a lineage, or to a free nation than the person who’s deprived of the experience that fills their heart with appreciation.

It is crucial that parents learn to facilitate that experience, as it shapes the container that holds us, and by us, I mean small groups who survive as a unit: as a family, as a culture, and as a lineage. Without those bonds, being human is no different than being a slave or a robot, and slavery, in all its forms, is what the few remaining humans in this nation must prevent. Initiating slavery is the goal of those who profit from the public’s obedience and ignorance. Propaganda aims to garner consent for the left’s normalizing of transgression. This poison currently fills the airwaves as to enslave the population, and it succeeds when people are influenced to choose self, fun, and amusement over family, sacrifice, and reciprocity. Censorship and the silencing of truthful data means false information is fed to a brainwashed public–––breadcrumbs leading us down the path of slavery.

In a free nation, the initiatory experience that helps a child gain absolute appreciation is an experience that must be facilitated by parents. Well, facilitated by those parents who wish their children not to be slaves, meaning, parents who understand that when the bonds between us break down, we become slaves to those who’ve incentivized the destruction of our familial-cultural bonds.

The bonds between us are made strong when our cultural stories offer deep and pervasive context. That context gives us understanding and understanding gives us a feeling of appreciation for both the sacrifices and the intelligence it takes to create and sustain life! This appreciation is what anchors us our desire to participate, and that desire is the basis of our positive identity. Positive identity is formed from our desire to protect what we appreciate, and that which is worthy of our highest appreciation is recognized as generous, God-made, balanced, and good. Those who live with such stories feel blessed. So, if the words “thank you” are not constantly riding our every exhale, then we have not yet found the seat of our humanness, and we’re certainly not yet fit for liberty’s responsibilities. God lives in our offerings of reciprocity. For those whose hearts are filled with gratitude, they perform life’s reciprocal tasks willingly with no need of threat or gunpoint. This is why God and liberty go hand in hand, this is what a free nation hinges upon, and this is why atheists and the godless can only participate in slave-nations where no amount of earned wealth or success will set them free or earn them dignity. Anyone who feels they’re owed more than they themselves owe, is already an incurable slave.

To subvert a free nation, is to destroy it without firing a shot. This is accomplished by weaponizing those who are mentally gullible–– the gullible and slave-minded operate from a subverted ideology that acts on behalf of their overlords. For their evil masters to succeed in enslaving the gullible, they need only do one thing–––deprive the child the experience of falling in love with the structures of reality, deprive the child of the experience that would make him fall in love with the creation. If deprived long enough this will seal the door shut, never to allow the reciprocal love of the Creator to enter. When there’s no appreciation for the creation, there will be no central point of balance or objectivity from which to measure or operate. If we lack that anchoring focal point, our ability to perceive the timeless, omniscient love and balance in all of creation, will be beyond our reach. If that occurs, genuine heart-felt reciprocity will never develop, and will therefore never allow liberty or humanness (genuine human bonds made from our stories about sacrifice) to flourish. A real human aims for the fulcrum that was and always will be the origin point of reality itself–– the central point of original balance. Contrarily, the mentally enslaved know of no such thing, they only know mirages–– made up fantasies of comfort, pleasure, and unearned status, thus they only pursue attainment of power, at all costs, and excuse their own poor behavior and broken social contracts, all in hopes that power will rise above their feelings of being lost and aimless. Their one hope is that their Marvel-Comic fantasy will come true. Fantasy is what they believe will create a reality that rescues them from their drowning in nihilistic sorrows. They throw around words like “love” yet how can someone who hates the whole of existence love any of its parts. They can’t love, they can only grab on to others as floatation, hoping only to save themselves from drowning.

A free nation is for those who see enough goodness in the world, that they’ll participate willingly and happily in upholding that world, not begrudgingly. If the standard is lowered or if the populace is lured into the trap of victim-mindset, that population will begin to outright ignore their familial and community obligations. They will outsource their responsibilities to a politician. It will only be a matter of time before chaos ensues and all but a few will be held at gunpoint by the exact “leaders” they foolishly voted for. When so-called democracy (where those duped by lies, false promises, false flags, and propaganda, will blindly vote against their own interests, these gullible people eventually become a majority who unapologetically oppresses the minority)…so when the gullible majority is allowed to override our Constitutional Republic (here, a republic aims for unwavering human laws applied equally to all citizens), then living at gunpoint is upon us. This is where we currently are…two-tiered justice–––people who are no longer deemed equal under the law, but instead divided by race, economic status, power, oppressed status, etc. where the faux oppressed fail to recognize that they themselves, with their lack of accountability, are in fact, the oppressors. In a democracy where these useful idiots become the majority, their lack of family-cultural bonds or accountability usher us all to slavery. The genuinely oppressed are those who must carry the weight of the whining and entitled majority. This is the socialist-communist playbook. It’s the death of all that is human, it is the death of liberty and the death of human character itself. The mindless herd proudly ushers in its own ruin, like a cancer that eats its host and soon finds both itself and its host, both dead. No one wins, it’s a mutually assured destruction.

If you’re concerned about our future, about your child’s future, if you want to learn how to help your child appreciate the structures of reality, so your child becomes reality’s dignified protector, then go to and sign up for the e-course called Liberty-Based Parenting, Leadership, and Storytelling.


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