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Updated: Apr 22, 2022

10,000 Years Of Battle.

Some people fight for power, others fight to preserve what is human, but most are duped into fighting under a banner of "justice" on behalf of those seeking ever more power.

For better or for worse, as long as we humans feed ourselves by a system of large scale food production, by labor, currency, and trade, there will be a invisible force that acts like a magnet toward an ever-growing centralized power. Power and wealth attracts power and wealth. In contrast, before the Earth "belonged" to the human, when the Earth belonged instead to Earth, the hunter gatherer belonged to Earth. When he belonged to Earth, he only took what he needed… and he left the rest. By his taking only what he needed, he left the Earth unharmed, thus Earth would replenish Herself. He enjoyed bearing witness to Earth’s generosity and he gave thanks. He was part of Earth's story, rather than Earth being part of his.

For small groups of hunter gatherers, there was no gravitational pull toward a centralized magnet of finance/politics. Why? Because there was a balance between population numbers and Earth's resources. The only central force within the tribe was that of the fire––– the warmth and light around which the people shared the stories and acts of celebration that would give Earth what she needed, in exchange for what the humans needed–––Earth’s beautiful gift of providence.

Recently, 10k years ago, when man began to farm large scale swaths of calorie-dense wheat, he came to believe that he had conquered Earth. Why? Because he no longer had to search for food. As populations expanded around these farming communities, cities developed and with it: armies, imperialism, specialization, private property, slavery, and the fiat currencies issued by the conquerors. The conquerors became the owners of what they began to call “Earth’s resources.” These conquerors aimed to take everything from Earth and to leave nothing for anyone else. The owners of the Earth’s resources would collude as to unify power. Ex: a king would marry off his children to the children of foreign kings. This served to consolidate and centralize power, which would unify the central power against foreign threats, but also would unify power against internal threats of uprisings. The people themselves were considered a threat to the kings and thus the kings became an even greater threat to the people. Who did these interests serve? Kings would use false flags to terrorize their own people as to keep them scared and in line. This would seduce the people into acknowledging a need for a central power. “Hail the King!”

In such a culture, one where the ordinary people live within the gravitational pull of a centralizing force, the outcome is this: the tribe dies, humanness dies, the culture dies. What rises in its place? Alienation, feeling oneself as expendable, and selfish narcissistic obsession. When the tribal connection dissolves, an individual’s survival becomes a self-focused activity instead of an activity that relies upon the group. When we identify as a self (a unit of one) and when that self comes to survive alone without a group, then our humanness is being drained from us, thus life’s meaning is being drained from us. Here, all of the emotions that were designed (by nature or by the creator) to make us feel both good and motivated, all of the emotions that altogether justify a human life, are emotions that get pushed down and replaced with meaningless robotic tasks.

Our love for the tribe, as well as our love for Earth’s beauty and providence is what acts as the fertile soil in which our humanness takes root and grows. This is where the meaning of a human life is able to fully blossom. (Meaning= connection via group survival: Empathy, love, friendship, sacrifice, language, gift giving, gratitude, stories, trustworthiness, etc.) None of these would exist in the mind of the human if we humans were not designed for group living. These are the required tools of group living, they also happen to be the things that make us feel that our lives are meaningful.

In the exchange whereby our robotic tasks permit us to survive, these tasks are typically separated from the joy of living! Why has this joy been removed? If those whose love we seek are unable to view our acts of sacrifice directly ––acts made on our beloved’s behalf–– and when our robotic tasks are hidden from the people we love, then our enthusiasm for living dies. As it dies, our dignity dies with it. Therefore, the slave-master knows that when he allows the robotic tasks to be rewarded with substances of sensory pleasure: drugs, entertainment, and junk food, then consent and obedience will ensue. Is the tradeoff worth it? Is sensory pleasure a suitable replacement for human meaning?

The forces of a centralizing power will always be at war with our humanness. A centralizing power cares nothing about humanness, as this power prefers slaves and robots. It prefers a culture of individuals whose survival is tied to the State/Corporation, instead of locally anchored in tribes. To be tied to The State, one must first give up their ties to the local and the familial. Thus, as long as there is mass food production (which becomes mass baby production and mass alienation) and as long as there is a sought-after currency made from the “promises” of a central force (a king or a government who issues promissory notes), then there will be a war against our humanness.

ABOVE ALL….It is our humanness that is worth protecting. What measure of life-quality does one gain if one’s life has been drained of its humanness? A king expects that the promises he offers: promises of safety (from a faux enemy) and promises of an endless supply of sensory pleasure substances, will be enough to yield consent, thus he believes he offers an acceptable exchange. Here, he hopes that slavery is not viewed as a bad outcome. Yet, this version of slavery: both of task and of sensory pleasure, is a cheap and unsuitable replacement for human-meaning. Those slaves who find no reason to fight for the preservation of their own humanness are those who were raised as lab mice in a lab. Thus, they have no idea that they have been robbed and enslaved whatsoever. They are unhappy but don’t know why, which is how/why they are easily duped with the false promises by so-called leaders. As part of the grift, the victims are offered the mind-numbing entertainment, drugs, materialism, meditations, yoga, and material wealth, which altogether is no different than a treasure-hunt that never locates the treasure. When their empty goals are met, the feelings of reward remain minimal or absent, thus the victor is confused. As long as the slave believes in the search, the enslaved will fight on behalf of their master… to both defend and feed this way of living. Why? Because they know of no other way. This search for fulfillment and meaning is what the lab mouse clings to and therefore, they place their hopes for better tomorrows upon their master. The master is the one who suggests that this path is the mouse’s best hope for coping with life’s discomforts and confusion. The irony here is that the master is the one who has hidden life’s meaning and replaced it with a fool’s errand. The victims of this sleight of hand are the most gullible and dangerous of a.i. weapons. They are tools of The State. They are an army of soldiers who fight on behalf of a regime. The only difference here is that this American sleepwalking soldier does not see the damage they are inflicting on our humanness. Humans who stand for humanness must always fight against the seductions that lure people toward feeding a central power. Our humanness is experienced locally and must be anchored locally. This was the intention behind the founding documents of our unique nation. In our nation, sovereignty is supposed to be with the individual. Our Republic is designed for a group a tribes who are each to blossom unto themselves, and The State exists only as a referee. In a free nation, the people are meant to inhabit dignified human tribes. Our dignity resides in the preservation of our humanness, it is a way of life that can only exist in the opposition to kings and corporate consolidation. Humanness continues to be under attack as it has been since the day that the tribe chose to put down roots and grow its own food. The point of balance between survival and living, between group and individual, between beauty and function, deserves our constant recognition and protection.

Freedom and Liberty


built upon a story,

and that story

needs its storytellers.



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Dio Lyons

American Firekeeper 2022

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