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The Social Justice Warrior Illness

Updated: Apr 22, 2022

On Desperation And Belonging In The Post-Industrial Age

(SJW= Social Justice Warrior)

An Essay


What happens to a mind whose

moral structures are established without a set cornerstone?

By what methods will a nation's people be duped into servitude?

Hint: It is not by what is thrust upon it, but instead by what is kept hidden.

Is The Human Mind Designed To Start As A Blank Slate?

· If humans were designed to be separate from a group, then humans would have been designed without empathy. Empathy would have no use.

· If humans were designed for alienation and alone-ness, then humans would have no need for life-meaning.

· If humans were designed to live without meaning, then humans would have no desire to see themselves as part of a story.

· If humans had no need for: empathy, story, meaning, group participation, identity, or love, then humans would have no need to adjust the settings on the knobs of morality. There would be no moral framework or template in the human mind whatsoever for us to make our own unique adjustments.

· If humans were made without an innate set of moral choices, humans would use whatever ruthless means necessary to survive independently….no justification needed.

Immune to The SJW Illness:

Those who were initiated into a functional story are the people given a context for empathy and group participation. Initiated people are those who receive an objective story about a beautiful world worth upholding. Do such people search for meaning and belonging? No. Why? They have already been given the necessary components. None of life’s meaning is missing from their framework.

The SJW Illness:

Did civilization invent morality? No. The framework was already there, built into every human. Each of us then adjusts its knobs to match our sensibilities and environment, adjusted like that of a stereo equalizer. The knobs themselves are part of the human template. By what basis will a person choose to adjust these knobs? The answer will depend on the cornerstone principle from where they measure the notions of good and bad, right and wrong, and true and false. To measure out 8 inches using a ruler, there must be a fixed point from where to start, thus a cornerstone.

Interestingly, the people who were given no story/no initiation/no role/no cornerstone in life’s magnificent feast, are hell-bent on publicly displaying their personal moral settings. This is the SJW. Unlike the normal person whose identity is built by their usefulness toward a community, a community that they love, and a community that is set upon a world that they love, instead the SJW’s identity is built otherwise. The normal person stands anchored in a truth that balances Earth’s needs and the community’s needs. This balance sits between survival and living, between beauty and function, and between the group and the individual. This truth is like paint on the canvas of his mind, with images that are both beautiful and functional. He loves and respects that canvas and values his position in it as a supportive character within its narrative. It is colorful, light, and full. That is the human way. But, the SJW is driven by something entirely different. I’ll explain:

What is morality? It is a set of social choices relative to an anchoring point of a mutually shared truth. The only truth that the SJW has is this: His world is one of meaninglessness, thus an existential vacuum. In this sea of nothingness, he feels his alienation. As a child he was left to himself and given NO STORY, a blank canvas, an endless sea with no land in sight. Here, he treads water while longing to find comfort, safety, belonging, identity, and purpose. He knows that he feels terrible. He wants to feel part of a worthy human story as well as part of a group who shares that story. He wants to survive with this group and live in their story. But because he has none of these, he instinctually knows that by becoming a good and trustworthy person he may one day find a group that will accept him. His every thought goes into figuring out which culturally acceptable moral stance will make him appear trustworthy in a group that will one day have him. Any thought that is morally off-target, he associates with being rejected and left alone at sea. His aloneness remains a terrifying blank canvas, thus there is no center and no definable points of location–––no land in sight. All there is on that canvas is his emotional pit of despair and nothingness. He has nothing to love or protect, not a landscape or a people. That is his center, nothingness. That is his truth. Yet, equal to this truth is his desire for relief in seeking a group that will value him. Because his list of moral settings is what he hopes will act as the key to his eventual belonging ––almost like that of a secret handshake–– he clings to his moral stance as his identity. He holds onto this crafted moral code like he holds onto a raft fashioned from sea driftwood. The raft is the only thing he has, and is the only thing that stands between he and the sea of death–––his existential vacuum. As long as he has the raft (the moral secret handshake), he maintains hope that he may find a direction toward a group that will value him. He assumes correctly that a group is held together by a shared moral code of trust, but in his case, he doesn’t realize that when he meets a group of alienated story-less souls, (each of whom cling to their “moral” identity instead of an identity based on their usefulness and merit), that they have none of the skills, values, or requirements that holds a real tribe together (for survival). For the alienated story-less soul, he grasps at the hope of having a human life. This moral code, thus his identity, is the only thing that will get him in the door to potentially earn him a tenured position. Hence, the virtue signaling…as a desperate cry of loneliness, a mating call to other lonely souls.

The SJW knows they have been victimized. They don’t know how or by whom, but certainly someone will get the blame––– the wrong people. Of course, the universities, Hollywood, and the mainstream media feed these lost souls an endless diet of injustice narratives that portray evil deeds against alienated people. This stirs the SJW and gives them a common enemy. It is intentional that the SJW has been weaponized. On whose behalf will alienated people unite and fight against? Hmmm. And who is it that has subjected these victims to the story-less-ness that creates alienation and SJWs? Hmm. What contributions to the fabric of culture does the SJW make? None. Their mind virus will not allow them to see anything real. They can only see through the lens of victim narratives. Victim narratives do not build culture, they erode culture. The SJW assumes that once they have succeeded in eroding the cultural glue, that a utopia is there waiting for them on the other side. If only the SJW had any grasp of history.

Socially, the SJW thinks he’s won a competition of moral strength and vision. The SJW does not see the irony here. Dear SJW… You’re floating in a sea of meaninglessness that the people whom you trusted as parents, teachers, and statesmen are the ones who pushed you out to sea!!! You have been alienated, robbed, enslaved…and weaponized to fight on behalf of your master.

The SJW holds onto their moral stance because it’s their only vehicle, thus their only hope at ever belonging to a worthy human group. Yet, no group will ever solve this dilemma for them. Why? Until their story (their view of Earth, of life, of usefulness, of principles) is repaired, their canvas remains a sea of nothingness, and no matter how many rafts or people they link themselves to, they are still out at sea with no land in sight. They live in a truth-less land of emotional impulse. The SJW is a display of chronic alienation and desperate attempts to be noticed and loved. This is what happens when a child is blocked from receiving the initiations that reveal life’s objective points of reality.

While the SJW is floating alone out at sea, he comes to 3 different incorrect conclusions about his suffering:

1) That his suffering is caused by the human ego and that if he is just willing to accept the cold and dark waters he lives in, that his world will become comfortable. He forfeits a search for meaning and settles for a coping-mechanism made to achieve the comfort of surrender.

2) That the world makes no sense whatsoever and therefore he hopes that the intellectuals, scientists, and experts will figure out a way to make order out of the chaos.

3) That if the oppressors were punished or restrained, it would ease everyone else’s burdens. Justice and utopia will follow. (Here, he is a passive observer with no responsibility in building community. He wants to squash others–––an authoritarian oppressor.)

None of the above will address his problem. None of the above have any respect for what a human being is or what this Earth is. Why? Because the SJW does not live in the world, he instead lives as a mouse in a lab cage. A lab mouse knows nothing of Earth or of himself. A lab mouse would never describe his own worldview as set in a cage. He knows of no other setting. He thinks the cage is the world itself. (Plato’s cave.)

The SJW Is A Slave Who Fights On His Master’s Behalf:

A man is someone who lives within a story that makes sense. His actions have meaning. By tending this meaning, he strengthens the glue that holds his people together. Contrarily, a slave is someone who lives within no story…a non-story, a story that makes no sense. In his non-story, there is no cornerstone set. He merely copes with life, he has neither anchor not compass. He powers through his day by grasping at any pleasure within reach. In his sea of nothingness, he trusts only one thing, his master, because his master is his only certain provider of food and protection; it’s the only certainty he knows: like a lab mouse who receives cheese pellets every time he hits the red button. He’ll never take his eyes off the red button, he’ll never notice that he’s been caged.

The slave is an the instrument of another man, of a tyrant. The slave believes his servitude is his salvation. He was robbed at birth of a story worth participating in, thus he has nowhere to go but toward those who offer him safety and comfort! He believes that the exchange is worth his obedience. Why? Because he has no means of comparison. This is the only thing he knows. So, when he’s asked to fight against his master’s enemies, he feels in himself something that resembles dignity. The feeling is real but the story is false. By accepting the invite, he now belongs to something that he believes is good. For he who was given an unworthy story to participate in, this watered down version of life is the best he can hope for. Unfortunately we all will suffer the consequences of his being prevented from receiving the initiations that allow him to become a free and responsible participant in life’s feast.

If a culture allows this disease to spread, the culture will die. The culture only thrives to the degree that every person believes themselves responsible for becoming supremely reliable and trustworthy to the people whom they survive with. The moment that the people think this responsibility can be shucked off to the institutions, governments, corporations, etc., is the moment the culture dies. If the cultural glue is removed from the hearts and minds of the people themselves, then death, destruction, and tyranny will ensue. Real cultural glue is based on a shared story of a world worth participating in.

In conclusion. We were designed with a mental hardware ready-made for a story-based software. We were designed for empathy, meaning, group participation, identity, and love. For a group to exist in a meaningful container, these things must be present. A group who survives and thrives together is bonded with a common story. The trust between them grows because of what sits at the heart of that story. At the heart of that story is something that affirms life, which then unites the people in protecting the humanness that is shared between them. At the heart of the human story is a depiction of a living world whose every cell and organism functions elegantly, doing its job as designed by Earth for Earth’s story. There is no confusion in the minds of any organism that populates the living landscape. What fills that landscape is beautiful, both in appearance and in its offerings of providence, and thus it is good. The moment that we feel this goodness, is the moment we feel responsible to protect what is good, is the moment a human comes alive in the human story! Here, the cornerstone of a human life is established.

So, if there is no group in which to become a valuable participant, and no story in which one’s individuality is useful to the group, then this human will suffer in a state of contextual malnourishment. That malnourishment is what lures the lost soul into a non-group, a sub-group that has no interest in surviving as a team, but instead shares a need to be noticed and special. The path of least resistance for this person is that of joining others who share the same anger in response to their feelings of alienation, thus they bond by narratives of hate and injustice. What bonds these people together will not serve as a mutually shared strategy for surviving. Instead, they share a common goal of destroying the fabric of all reality…by destroying those who hold the fabric of reality together.

We all want to be part of something “good.” But the alienation they drown in will cause them to settle for being part of a thing that is nothing. Virtue signaling and social justice warrior antics are no basis for survival. SJW’s believe they are fighting for goodness, they are lured into a fake war on behalf of a people they don’t even know, a people who would never lift a finger for them. This is a psychological and cultural disease belonging to the alienated; it is crafted by tyrants. Well, who is it that has alienated them from their own communities? Who is it that eroded the glue of those communities? The irony is, the people they vote for, the people whose currency they chase, and the corporate hucksters who have convinced them that life will be worthless if they are without the latest fashion, technology, and jargon. If they would only take the time to see who else in history acted as they do, who else suffered the same psychosis, and how has this led to the death of those cultures. Perhaps, this research will wake them up. Millions have died by this ignorance, both by war and starvation. Will these gullible people figure it out before it’s too late? As the great Yuri Bezmenov described about leftist revolutions, and I’m paraphrasing: Once the SJW has destroyed the nation, the people who they blindly work under will line them up and shoot them. Why? Because the SJW is a slave, a terrorist sleeper whose usefulness ends once the nation is destroyed. The SJW becomes a gnat in the face of those who have funded this war against our nation, therefore they will be exterminated.

From birth, the SJW has been alienated by design. The people funding this war have stolen everything from the SJW, but as is the case with Stockholm syndrome, the kidnapped person often falls in love with the kidnapper: the SJW fights on behalf of those who have stolen from him everything that is beautifully human. Hence, the term, “useful idiot.”

Please look Deeper and both rescue and safeguard your humanness… because that is the humanness we all share. Let’s give these SJW’s a better story in which to participate. Let their lives not be wasted on serving their masters, but instead by becoming skilled to serve practical community needs, thus that their lives be valued locally in loving participation.

An American renaissance must rise. Every community must hold itself responsible for building trust and mutual wellbeing. This is not a national affair, but a local affair. Our humanness can only be experienced and protected locally.

Freedom and Liberty


built upon a story,

and that story

needs its storytellers.



Political Leadership Guidance

Political Messaging and Storytelling

Dio Lyons

American Firekeeper 2022

All rights reserved


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