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Updated: Sep 12, 2022

Standing The Test Of Time: The human story.


As a matter of social practice, I do not entertain, affirm, or deny any declaration of cultural or political so-called problem until together, we’ve celebrated the exhaustive list of natural things that operate with no-problem. Why? Because imbalances must be measured against some point of objective balance––– by point of balance, I mean, the organizing principle upon which both Earth and human-consciousness objectively exist and proliferate. When someone posits a so-called imbalance but cannot locate any objective point-of-balance to measure from, then their prescription for correcting an imbalance will sound like a child who declares himself a race car driver trying to win a race. Fantasy.

A natural worldview stands on what’s real, what’s timeless, what’s beautiful, and what works. I didn’t create it, it was handed down to me by those who celebrate both Creation and its Creator. Unless a person can perceive both the functionality and the beauty of what sits at the ground level of our existence, they won’t understand why I celebrate first, and repair whatever’s broken, second. I'll often say, "please don’t ask me to entertain a point of view built upon a nonexistent or imbalanced platform."

Balance need not be created. Why? Balance is the ground of existence itself. If someone has been deprived of the initiation that reveals the building blocks of reality, then no amount of social justice, technology, democracy, pharmaceuticals, progress, affirmative action, CRT, or equity will cure that disease, just as no amount of renovation will fix a structure built without a foundation.

Objective points of balance are as true and as firm as nature Herself, and those points of balance are worthy of celebration. (The social-constructivist, post-modernists are disqualified outright from the discussion. They deny objective truth and put power in its place…. just as Nietzsche warned they would. These ideologues are absent of any cornerstone whatsoever, then declare the absence itself as an actual cornerstone. (They make nothingness into a somethingness). These are the 2+2=5, the emperor with no clothes, the up is down, and the down is up, crowd. Those who worship power, having no access or use for truth, support the following notion: A woman gets appointed supreme court justice because she’s a woman, then she declares that she can’t define the word woman. Should such people be entitled to enjoy the use of words if they agree that words don’t have meaning? Their lineage will eventually self-destruct as they are mindlessly being used by their owners to destroy our nation and our humanness. The mindless herd will deliver their vote to those who’ve created faux injustice narratives, narratives used to spark the outrage response of the herd.)

If someone wishes to opine on cultural or political so-called “problems,” unless they can point to the cornerstone upon which their worldview-structure is built, I won’t engage. If the cornerstone is untrue, misshapen, or nonexistent, then the structure that’s built upon it is fictional or weak. Metaphorically speaking, we live inside the structure we’ve built. Some people were never given a worthy cornerstone, and therefore live in a lopsided structure cobbled together with scraps. As lopsidedness is the worldview they’re used to, they have no proper basis to measure an imbalance. They know something’s wrong; they know that imbalance is a word that describes how they feel, but since they’ve been deprived of seeing any innate point of balance, they create imaginary utopian forms of balance, then they lure others with slogans like “HOPE” into their authoritarian regimes. If a person invites me into a decrepit structure and demands I call it a castle, if they demand I speak fiction just so they feel better about their hovel, then they will be met with silence. “Silence is violence?” Lol. I might ask them, "If you hate life-itself, why don’t you kill yourself?" The answer boils down to… they are afraid to die, they love to hate, and as long as they have a steady inflow of sensory pleasure and faux injustice narratives, they’ll willingly live another meaningless day. That’s the cornerstone of their lives, which is no cornerstone at all.

The anchor of the natural worldview:

Where is the point of inherent balance from which an imbalance may be measured? We are human––– humans view the world through a human lens. Someone that’s been deprived of the initiation that reveals a worthy reason to live, is someone deprived of a lens altogether. He will survive, but he will not live. When the cornerstone of such a person’s worldview is non-existent, his notion of imbalance is expanded to fill his entire cosmology. To him, everything appears as an imbalance. Why? He’s never seen or experienced balance, thus he just imagines balance as some utopian vision to be invented through so-called “progress.” When he invents an ideology that captures something new and progressive, he’ll use tools such as “wokeness” (A NEW religion) that disguises his will to power (his desire for specialness and control) to covertly become the “hero” who brings new hope to his people. His hopes of attaining a “new” form of solution will become weaponized propaganda the moment he announces his new commandments of so-called “justice.” Everyone loves justice, but the mob is easily duped into the false-flags and fictional victim-narratives that attack the host, like an autoimmune disease.

A human cornerstone must contain a reason to both love this Earth and to love one’s tribe. Why? We objectively depend on both for our existence. Though we may forget this fact, and though we may feel alienated by having lost our tribe, we are still part of a network of people and part of a landscape that feeds us. If we are not anchored in that story, then we lose the human plot––– we forget WHY we bother to live whatsoever. A human who has received the initiations that reveal the timeless and crucial cornerstone, has obtained the reason WHY we bother to live. Unless that initiation story is sufficiently heartwarming such that the people who carry this story consider it their life’s mission to deliver it to their children and their children’s children, the death of that lineage is certain.

Plato’s tripartite soul: Logos, Eros, Thymos. (The 3 parts of the soul become fully developed through our relationship to both the beauty and the function of Earth and Tribe.)

Logos: We use reason’s penetrating insight to peel back the layers of the visible, until we can see the invisible. When observing closely a seemingly meaningless natural object, our perception penetrates it to its core meaning. How? Through its relationship to other objects. We can see how those relationships function, how they exist in serving Earth’s story. Reason is what allows us to see the beauty that sits at the core of life’s relationships. It’s by deduction. When we see it directly, then life-itself becomes affirmed as good. Beauty and awe make life-itself worth life’s inescapable pain. When the beauty is seen within the relationships that yield births in Earth’s landscape, that beauty is understood only through perception... via the logos/reason. A human’s best and highest motivation materializes from the logos. From reason, all love flows. Without the use of reason, and without the relationships between the objects perceived through reason, the world’s objects themselves keep their beauty and their meaning hidden. It is only through our understanding of relationships, hence observing and understanding the often-invisible interactions between these objects, where God and love become visible. Until this occurs, the human remains a child.

Eros: When we see the symbiotic relationships that exist between the natural objects of the world, this is what makes us fall in love with the world. Eros is the awe that sparks both love and gratitude.

Thymos: From the love and gratitude of Eros, reciprocity and sacrifice are born. Love, gratitude, reciprocity, and sacrifice are necessary in sparking the actions required of human-partnerships in community. Thymos is our love turned into action.

Our tribe is the group with whom we give our love to this Earth and with whom we survive together as part of Earth’s story.

Humans are story-creatures. When someone with a broken mind wishes to tell me a story, I'll ask them to "please tell me which single fact–––at the root of your relationship to both Earth and tribe––– is worth building your story upon? Upon which cornerstone is worth building the castle that you wish me to wander its halls? Do not invite me into a decrepit hut and tell me it’s a castle. Don’t give me a tour of your freshly soiled bathroom and tell me it’s the banquet hall where dinner was just served."

If they can’t tell me about the cornerstone of their worldview-structure, then they are trying to give me a tour of Plato’s cave, trying to convince me that shadows are evidence of objectivity. I won’t prove to someone who has never left the cave that they are in a cave. I don’t dwell in caves. Not worth my time….as Plato suggests. A fish doesn’t know it’s in water. Someone who’s been mentally enslaved doesn’t know they’ve been mentally enslaved.

The initiated are those invited to participate in a story of such enormous awe that the participants themselves forgo being the story’s main character and instead willingly play a supportive role. Contrarily, the uninitiated person sees the world as a dead object, an object that plays an antagonistic role in their story. Because their story is incomplete and lacking in sufficient inspiration, love, and respect, this lacking forces the uninitiated to seek relief (new age coping mechanisms, decadence, or unearned vanity) as a way of adding filler to the missing parts of their story. They think this is heroic, but it is ignorant, miserable, destructive, and childish.

I'll say, "so, tell me, or better, show me that you love this Earth (its beauty and its function), that you love the people who love this Earth, that you love the way your people tend to Earth and tend to one another, such that I should wish to be part of your lineage’s story. Show me what your gratitude looks like by the sacrifices you’ve made. If you give me sufficient reason to be part of your people’s story, then I may believe your declarations of imbalance. I will join you in restoring balance."

I live in a world that works. It is not broken. Its story continues just fine. I play a supportive role in its story because its organizing principle remains balanced and untouched. Why would I need to become a main character in a world that already works? Being in the supportive role means I humble myself to the one who plays the leading role. I need not control or edit, I need only support, celebrate, and help IT restore ITS balance.

In conclusion:

If human-meaning can be measured by the bonds of friendship or collaboration, achieved over a lifetime of reciprocity and trust-building, then how shall we describe the actions of those who take from friends, but gives nothing in return? And so, when we take from the landscape’s luscious bounty, when we delight in each taste of Her fruit, whomever remains in possession of their essential humanness will recognize exactly what they owe in return for these gifts. What value does the person who does not value what he receives, hence the person who lives for himself without paying it back, offer any of us? What trust can be built between people who display no reciprocity with the landscape? Could an offer of friendship be given any meaning whatsoever between people who give nothing to that which has given them life, sustenance, and delight? What would lead a grateful person to believe that the bonds between he and an ungrateful person could be worth anything? When the meaning of human-meaning has devolved as to erase the organizing principle–––the principle upon which awe, gratitude, love, and reciprocity emerge––– then all is lost for that lineage. A human lineage that has lost the meaning of meaning-itself, has lost the story, has lost the plot, has lost the necessary WHY that can bear the weight of any HOW. Those who have lost the story, have lost everything worth living for.

Humans are story-creatures, and the organizing principle around which a human lineage thrives, is contained in their story. Upon receiving that story’s gifts, life becomes meaningful, hence life becomes filled with the desire to reciprocate. We show our gratitude by our sacrifices. When we love, we willingly carry any burden and overcome any obstacle so we may deliver our people’s story to the next generation. The story is the cultural container in which meaning is revealed, and when the meaning is experienced, we immediately recognize that our life’s acts are owed in reciprocity for this magnificent and life-changing experience. Who do we owe? We owe the Creator of that meaning, we owe the people who sacrificed to reveal that meaning, and by what we owe, we expressly live to deliver the story to the next generation. THAT is a human life, and THAT is how human lineages carry their DNA down the river of time. If our meaning fails to produce a reason why we should wrap our DNA in a story (a story that reveals the beautiful reason WHY we live and WHY we celebrate) then that lineage will fail to continue down the river of time. People without a worthwhile lineage, who feel no responsibility to carry or deliver that lineage, are like slaves who live only for momentary tastes of pleasure and relief.

Please invite me into a castle worthy of celebration––– a human residence resplendent with timeless human-meaning. We will feast together and address the world’s problems. However, if your cornerstone lacks all substance, if it leaves your structure weak, then please keep a documented history of your people’s lineage so those of us with a destiny may show our children the path of your demise.

Dio Lyons



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