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Updated: Dec 7, 2022

Liberty-Based Parenting, Leadership, and Storytelling: The Bundle Reveal E-Course:

Strengthen your family bonds. Help your children become immune to the woke nonsense.

Our children will grow into free and dignified adults,

but only if we initiate them toward that end.

What is initiation? Initiation is an experiential process that transforms the child into a fully functioning adult. A child becomes an adult when they fall in love with the meaning of being human. The child who falls in love with this meaning, will carry it down the river of time, they will protect its story, and they will deliver it to future generations. Unless we are willing to carry this process an down the river of time, our lineage of free and dignified adults, dies.

There are children who live by meaning while other children live by sensation (addiction, and meaninglessness). In a free nation, parents must safeguard ––at all costs–– the methods that inspire children to fall in love with the meaning of being human, as this is what makes a child transform into a responsible adult. If we fail, tyranny is certain, hence our children will be enslaved.

For every tyrannical force that has infiltrated our public schools, and for every cultural meme that touts immediate cheap pleasure (or slavery) over that of long-term life-meaning (or freedom), there are brave moms taking on the fight––– moms who will not only shine a light on the darkness, but who will do whatever is necessary to build their child's immunity against the current onslaught of anti-liberty and anti-common-sense ideology.

For those who feel their children are being drawn into the abyss, this e-course will help you become an empowered parental leader, a leader who will skillfully hold the family together. You will learn to lead by encouragement and by storytelling rather than by pleasure-baiting or coercion. You will gain the tools needed to guide your family’s collaborative success. To save our nation from tyranny you must first save your children from the mind-viruses that have enslaved many a once-great civilization.

Through the American Firekeeper e-courses you will learn how to 1) craft personal stories that highlight life’s richest and most emotionally meaningful principles. 2) facilitate experiences that reveal the beautiful fabric of reality. When your child falls in love with reality, they will immediately understand their valuable role in holding that reality together.

When these stories and their lessons are shared at home, you will not only transform your child into a sturdy, independent, and dignified adult, but you will activate their desire to participate in the deeds that hold a harmonious family together. A strong family is at the heart of a constructive community and a strong, civilized, and free nation. Liberty-based parenting is for people who can answer this question:

What is the greatest gift to be given a child?

As I see it, the greatest gift to be given a child is a story that inspires them to WANT to participate in holding 1) the family together, 2) the community together, and 3) our free nation together. If the child doesn’t want to participate, then America will be a nation held at gunpoint. This is simple cause and effect. When people lose their eagerness to participate, they will outsource all necessary tasks to tyrants and corporate overlords. As a parent, you must inspire your child, and by inspire, I do not mean coerce. How you answer this call, and how well you deliver this gift to your child, will be the measure of your life’s work. Together, we will save America, but it starts with each family delivering this gift to its children. I will help you deliver it.

Where there is meaning, there is togetherness, sacrifice, and love, and where there is meaninglessness, there is alienation, addiction, and tyranny. It’s that simple. I look forward to working with patriot parents across America in re-establishing meaning, liberty, and dignity.

Thank you for reading/listening. Take action, America!

Become the glue that holds your people together. Tyrants win if they can successfully erode our familial bonds. Therefore, it is up to us to make sure that the glue is repaired and made strong.

E Course coming soon.

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