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Updated: Oct 22, 2022

A mother activates her child’s heart...with a story.

Humans are story-creatures. Why were we designed this way? Because a story transmits both meaning and inspiration. Meaning is the glue that holds a tribe together. We as individuals, are unable to survive without a group. For the sake of our survival, the tribe must be held together somehow. Our human DNA can only travel down the river of time if set safely on a raft held together by the tribe.

Unless our children are inspired to participate in the activities that hold the tribe together, our lineage will die. This is why a tribe protects its story above all, as the story is what initiates the child into both the activities and relationships that allow survival to persist through time. If the story successfully delivers the highest of human-meaning to its people, the tribe will hold together. However, if the child is deprived of the story, the child will be unmotivated to do the tasks that life requires. When people are unmotivated to do what life requires, the whole group will inevitably be held at gunpoint.

Being human means being part of a lineage. When our motivation to participate has been either lost or forgotten, the end of that lineage is near. As Huxley reveals in Brave New World, a person may live past where his soul has been crushed, but he will no longer be human, he will be a robot. The end of meaning, the end of story, and the end of inspiration, all becomes the end of the human, hence the beginning of slavery.

The right story will activate the child’s heart. The mom who lives without having wrapped both meaning and inspiration into a transferrable story, deprives the child of a world worth participating in. Since the beginning of time, the story-based initiation has inspired children to be the glue that holds the family together, the community together, and the nation together.

The fate of a lineage is in the hands of its mothers. A mother’s ability to transmit the meaning of being human, is itself the highest meaning of being a mother. This transmission is essential for the tribe who will stand the test of time. Contrarily, all version of both slavery and ruin befalls a people who no longer deliver anything of value to their children. Such are a people who replace meaning and story with sensory pleasure and coercion. Saving our nation will be in the hands of the moms, and moms will save the nation by saving the initiation-story's safe transfer. Only a mother can protect both the meaning and the inspiration that makes life worth living. Moms are the beating heart of the family and the family is the beating heart of both the community and the nation.

This is my call to all mothers. It's time to revive the most important of stories.

My job here is to help you build timeless bonds within your family. I will provide the insights and tools for shaping stories that hold the family together, hold the community together, and hold the nation together. These stories are as natural and as old as our DNA. We are story-creatures, thus our stories are part of the human original instructions. These instructions, like any seed, anywhere on earth, if nourished as designed, knows exactly how to grow into something perfectly fit for its beautiful environment.

Note: Every large corporation, every government agency, every public school, every Hollywood actor or producer, every central banker, every non-STEM university professor, and every foreign enemy, are incentivized to prevent you from delivering the initiation-story to your children. Why? Because people who have been reduced to pleasure and meaninglessness can be easily controlled and enslaved. When your children are more dependent on impersonal corporate or government entities than they are interdependently joined with family and community, the enemies of humanness have won the war, thus have reduced us to slavery.


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