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A Love Poem

Updated: Jul 14, 2023

I Want To Know You


By Dio Lyons

I want to know you,

what the day has given you, and you to it.

I want to know how many breaths you’ve taken, how deeply they were received, and the number of raindrops to have fallen upon your moistened tongue.

Intently, I will listen.

I want to hear the ways in which the trees, the clouds, and the rivers have received your poetry. And by this, I will know how, on this day, you’ve performed your part in Earth’s beautiful story.

But if ever you forget how to receive the light of Earth’s blessing, then no matter the distance or darkness, I shall find you, that we may together,

dig down beneath the forgetting,

to where dignity’s wellspring is forever renewed.

Words spoken, pressed from eager lips, pedals pushed open, every shape and sound forged into a weapon of beauty.

YOU…a warrior, rescuing order from the trembling chaos of Earth… a lioness whose roaring heart restores stillness to the turbulent oceans of doubt.

And as the fragrance of your poetry rises in the smoke of the evening’s campfire, words reach up from your heart, to the star-lit heavens where the Creator’s hunger for eloquence is made satisfied.

When smiled upon once again, all lost dignity is reclaimed.

So, let us rejoice as victory sets its feet down upon the ground of your remembering. Then together, we shall stand on wisdom’s ancient soil, ready to start anew, with harmonized voices that sing––– I am here, I hear you, and I still wish to know you, today and for ten thousand tomorrows.


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