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Updated: Oct 22, 2022

The human is a story-creature.

Stories are made by mixing both time and meaning.

Time and meaning offer us a destiny worthy of being fulfilled.

When a boy's elders carefully reveal to him the beauty and the function of the landscape (the landscape that feeds one’s people), the young initiate’s heart becomes activated. Once the heart is activated, his destiny becomes clear. He will live to pay back the debts of his gratitude by his protecting the gifts he was given–––but not for himself. He will carry ––at all costs–– these gifts, down the river of time that they be delivered to the future. This journey downriver is where one’s love of life and where the love of one’s people sustains a lineage that stands the test of time.

What is the meaning of meaning-itself, if we have nothing worthy of delivering to a beloved apparition of future? Could there possibly be any potential that’s worth serving if time-itself has no meaning?

What best describes the human who lives without meaning, who lives without a story, who lives without time, who lives without an activated heart, who lives without owing a debt of gratitude, who lives without anything meaningful to protect, who lives without a destiny, who lives without a desire to deliver something sacred to the future?

Answer: A brainwashed and enslaved weapon of the corporate state, a person who settles for pleasure over meaning, a person deprived of their birthright, a person for whom time and meaning have shrunken down to a single moment, a moment that takes the shape of a pill, a drug that numbs them and gives them a pleasure-bridge that connects each meaningless moment to the next until no moments remain, thus offering an eventual death with neither a dignified accounting nor a destiny fulfilled. Empty handed. From nothing, to nothing. Such are the people being groomed as perfect World Economic Forum citizens of the “liberal world order”…as they call it.

Who has deprived the human of their humanness?

Ans: The so-called leader whom these hollowed out humans both vote for and trust. The overlords have robbed these humans of their birthright, they have made the gullible into slaves and as a slaves they have become their master’s own personal weapons.

Therefore, for we remaining humans, what must be protected above all, is our humanness. We must carry it down the river of time, never to be compromised or diminished. Those who have been reduced to mere survival, thus reduced to viewing life as some burdensome series of meaningless moments, are demonstrating the symptoms of a mind-virus or a plague. A people who define themselves by meaningless sensory pleasure, cannot collaborate with a culture who lives to pay back a debt of gratitude. These two cannot be rectified. No trust can be built and no destiny shared between those without a destiny and those with a destiny. Of course, those who have their humanness still intact, who wish to have children, who have something both worthy and life-affirming to share with their children, are those who have a destiny.

Eventually, nature works out the kinks by allowing lineages who protect their humanness to live on. Why? Those who live with a destiny, live to feed every moment, live to pay back debts of gratitude, and live to hold the fabric of reality together. That’s what standing the test of time requires. (Yet, many great human lineages have perished.)

For the fully formed human, Earth’s beauty merges efficiently into the stories and ceremonies that impregnate each of our precious moments. For the human, the moment is not in isolation, but is instead a participatory symphony. It is performed in concert with the landscape. The human song carries mellifluously down the river, through the valleys, and up to the heavens, as these songs are our offerings of thanks given to the creator for having delivered us a story worth loving and a story worth living within.


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