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Converting The Center-Left

Updated: Sep 30, 2022

Addressed to aspiring leaders.

To America-First GOP candidates in D+ districts–––

candidates who must convert the center and center-left.

Great movie characters are beloved by all. We fall in love with these characters when their actions are noble. Genuine nobility is demonstrated when a hero bestows dignity upon others––– upon those whose efforts deserve acknowledgment.

A leader’s personal story must quickly capture the hearts of his audience. When a story’s inciting-moment is constructed properly, the audience joins the leader on a journey that transcends the left/right dilemma. I__ help__ leaders__ accomplish__ this__ feat.

The most celebrated movie characters are those driven to repay a debt of gratitude. Such heartfelt motive is a more compelling indictor of leadership qualities than mere acts of charity or service. While we respect those who show appreciation for kindnesses received, even more so, we admire, trust, and support those who make a genuine show of sacrifice to pay back a debt-of-kindness. Our leaders should take a lesson here.

Trust is built less by what you’ve done to serve… and more by how a kindness bestowed upon you has activated your heart’s desire to reciprocate that kindness. When your story allows the audience to feel (and or experience) the specific momentous event that’s activated your heart, those listeners will worry less about policies and legislation, and will instead rest themselves in your trustworthy and responsible hands. When they see that your heart has been activated by kindness, when they see how that kindness has become actions of reciprocity, then the audience will join your team.

Reciprocity is a more powerful force than the compounding of interest. You must use the natural forces already available, like ocean-winds to a sail. Don’t swim across the D+ ocean of mindless CNN/MSNBC/NYT/BBC/NPR viewers. Instead, raise your sails and let your lion’s heart be visible. The center-left are a people who have typically only ever known the feeling of gasping for air. Deprived of objectivism, beauty, initiations, and meaning, this leaves them feeling submerged in nihilism’s dark waters. They dream that dignity’s path will one day make itself known. The moment that a genuine leader reveals the light that lives inside us all, the darkness dissipates, the path becomes visible, and the center-left will emerge thankful for your invitation to come aboard.

Dio Lyons


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