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A Free Nation: 7 Non-Negotiable Standards

For a free nation to culturally sustain itself, what are the non-negotiable cultural standards that each citizen must willingly adhere to?

Let's Explore What Unites And Shapes A Culture!

“Written Into The Hearts Of Liberty's Heirs”

The term "must" is a strong and dangerous word. Yet, every human relationship involves agreements. Every contract is designed to outline responsibilities. When laws of physics are discovered, what follows are the "musts." When the "musts" are set upon a solid foundation, they help to prevent destruction. Imagine if your brain or heart decided to not do their job? The "musts" are crucial to the parameter's of all tasks.


1. Every person of a free nation must…

understand the difference between what a free nation is and what a free nation is not.

2. Every person of a free nation must…

know what holds a free nation together, and what tears a free nation apart.

3. Every person of a free nation must…

become a useful, valued, and proud member of their beloved family and community. Above all, a free nation requires its people to serve their family and community. To serve, it is necessary that one cultivate skill, connection, and shared tradition. A nation is only as free as: 1) its family-bonds remain strong. 2) its people are defined by their usefulness, rather than defined by their sensory preferences and hobbies.

4. Every person of a free nation must…

be shown that first-and-foremost, humans are designed to function as part of Earth’s beautiful and living ecosystem––– an ecosystem which provides us food, sensory delights, and all that human beings could ever need. We belong to something greater than ourselves. When we fall in love with that greater world, our lives immediately fill with meaning, gratitude, and reciprocity.

5. Every person of a free nation must…

protect what is both human and unchanging (biologically and emotionally), and therefore must prevent people from falling prey to the tyrant’s promise of something better than “human.” “Better” always equals slavery. A tyrant’s version of better seems forever to involve destroying family bonds and replacing the family/community with the corporate/state.

6. Every person of a free nation must…

WANT to participate. And equally important, once this WANT is activated, they must repeatedly share their personal story about how this WANT came to be.

7. Every person of a free nation must…

reinvest all excesses and surpluses into the strengthening of their communities. This reinvestment is existentially necessary, therefore leaves no excess at all. Nature eventually destroys all things that are unnecessary.

I explore these questions in greater detail on other posts, podcasts, and videos. I hope you'll join the conversation!

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