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11 Questions To Help Save America

To Save America, we need to define exactly what's worth saving. Only then will we strategize an effective cultural and political offensive.

Our political party, its leaders, parents and concerned citizens must form a phalanx that is suitable to winning this war. Using the questions below we may begin to craft the stories, speeches, messages, discussions, movies, strategies, expectations, and initiations that will spark a cultural movement. Let’s discuss…


1) What holds a free nation together, and what allows it to operate with minimal governance?

2) In a free nation, what are the basic requirements, codes, and standards that must be upheld by each citizen?

3) If freedom’s pillars have been made absent in the minds of a free people, will that nation’s constitutional documents protect its people’s freedoms? Which are the developmental character traits that MUST be established in the minds of every free citizen so that freedom’s responsibilities become integrated into their identities and behaviors?

4) What is dignity? How is it earned? What crucial ingredient does dignity’s formation require?

5) Freedom will be lost if given to those who feel no eagerness to carry its burdens. Being shown the sacrifices and hard-won freedoms bestowed upon us by our ancestors has proven unconvincing to many citizens. What are the key components that motivate acts of cultural care and responsibility? What makes a person want to use their freedoms carefully? What makes a person want to do the right thing, even when no one is looking?

6) Is freedom’s cornerstone to be found in a nation’s laws, or is this cornerstone to be found in the minds of those eager to participate in life-itself?––– From where does this eagerness come from? What cultural initiations successfully shape a mind for participation?

7) What are the ways by which a free nation will be threatened, subverted, attacked, and lost? (without a foreign or domestic enemy having to fire a shot)

8) Is life itself worth living if without friendship, trust, or the opportunity to prove one’s own character? Can there be such thing as friendship, thus a display of personal character, if one is without the freedom to demonstrate care, dedication, sacrifice, responsibility, and trustworthiness? Therefore, what is the key ingredient in both the development of personal character and in the acts of sacrifice used to prove our love?

9) What defines the points of balance between: 1) freedom and responsibility. 2) survival and living? What are the consequences of allowing imbalances to fester?

10) We are not robots and must not forfeit what makes us human. Humans are designed to grow into a positive identity. Can you attain a positive identity if you live in a world you consider meaningless and ugly? Where does a positive identity come from? Can you build a free nation with a people who are shaped by a negative identity?

11) Through which relationships can we expect the full flowering of our humanness to be experienced? From the following list, place in order that which is most likely to love you, as you love it––which of these will love you back? Your government, the nation itself, the state, pharmaceutical companies, mainstream media, your local community, your friends, your church congregation, your family. Freedom is meaningless unless one’s heart is activated…locally.

These topics are discussed in detail in other posts, videos, etc.. Please join the conversation. Thank you for participating!

Freedom and Liberty


built upon a story,

and that story

needs its storytellers.



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