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Dio Lyons 

Dio Lyons

I help freedom-loving parents craft personal stories that inspire their children to WANT to participate in the activities that hold the family together, the community together, and the nation together. 


I help America-First political & cultural leaders craft personal stories that inspire their constituents to WANT to participate in the activities that hold the family together, the community together, and the nation together.  


I help religious leaders craft the stories that inspire their congregations to WANT to participate in the activities that hold the family together, the community together, and the nation together. 


Some Personal Context

Freed From The Shackles Of
Leftist Lunacy

Through a series of events, (my story) I outgrew the vacuous world of subjectivism, nihilism, leftism, and cultural narcissism. By those events I was shown that in fact, there is an objective structure to our reality, and this reality is both beautiful and efficient–––as are all things in the natural world. It so happens that when objective reality is obscured and kept hidden from our culture, our people become easily weaponized, manipulated, and enslaved.


Establishing a free nation is a crowning achievement, but that nation will not stand if its people are duped into subjectivism. Subjectivists are intentionally deprived of meaning, thus are directed toward a life of seeking–––seeking ways to cope. Contrarily, an objectivist is one who has been shown life's necessary and non-negotiable tasks–––this gives the objectivist a series of roles and duties in which one's excellence and success may be achieved, not just on behalf of oneself, but for one's community. Contained in such an identity are life's best and most joyful feelings, thus no seeking is necessary. I wish to help reinstate objectivist principles via stories. Our stories live at the heart of the family, the community, and the nation. Stories are at the heart of all human collaborations and adventures! 


Prior to my personal change-in-worldview, I had viewed my experiences through an inverted lens. I thought that human existence was a wide-open nothingness in which I was to fill in the blanks with any structure of my own creation. I was wrong. I came to discover that the truth (objective reality) exists, that there is an inescapable structure to our reality, and in it, we are given the opportunity to tend these life-affirming structures. Within our human reality, things like empathy, love, friendship, language, sacrifice, prudence, and gift-giving all have the purpose of helping us survive in groups, and it so happens that when the group disbands, human-meaning dies with it.


Life makes sense only if both survival and living remain balanced in our small groups. This reality is physically and psychologically inescapable. Mere survival and mere pleasure do not replace our need for human-meaning. Human-meaning is not something we invent, instead it's built into the structures of reality, hence into our small groups. If we are blind to those structures, then human-meaning escapes us.....hence a leftist is born. 


Leftists/Liberals are people who, though were raised by parents, were typically ignored by their parents. They were not taught the basics about being human. They are like mice born in a lab-cage––––mice who think that a “better” reality needs to be imagined and created. Why do they want to create reality? Because the conditions of the cage (the cage that they have been lured into by those whom they most trust–––those who have deprived and enslaved them) are so terrible and meaningless. The walls of the cage are unlovable and those walls are also incapable of loving the people contained within them. The walls are dead. No wonder the herd roams aimlessly within the cage... searching for meaning. The story they live in is ugly. The best that these seekers can hope for is to find a method of coping. (Plato's Allegory of The Cave)

Conservatives are typically people who were carefully raised and initiated–––– they had an intentional upbringing, they were shown the structures of reality, and they quickly came to recognize themselves as a necessary part of it: of Earth, family, community, and nation. And by feeling needed, valued, and part of a story, they are inspired to WANT to protect that which is ALREADY beautiful, real, and necessary. Seekers are not protectors and protectors are not seekers.


When our entire culture (left and right) violates the basic laws of reality, the population descends into chaos. When our cultural stories are intentionally destroyed or hidden, then our humanness evaporates with it. This destruction is both systematic and intentional. Eating poorly is a choice, thus intentional. When poor food choices eventually leads us to disease, it shouldn’t be a surprise to whomever has any grasp of reality whatsoever. Utopian wishful thinking is not the cause of good health. Instead, utopian thinking is a sign of a culture that has lost its fixed point of reference, it's a sign that the compass has been stolen or hidden. 

My Why

My life is a debt-of-gratitude–––– paid to Earth, to my teachers, to my nation, and to those who wish to celebrate breathing, eating, walking, talking, feeling, thinking, caring, and sharing. What I owe in return for gifts received, is everything. Living with the knowledge of both what I owe and to whom I owe it, makes me feel part of a story worth participating in and a story worth telling. We are human. We are story creatures. Stories hold a person's life together by what that person feels they owe. We are not robots. Robots owe nothing. 

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